Dining services are part of your all-inclusive tuition package at Lyndon Academy, and diet is extremely important for our students, and we encourage students to be open to a variety of foods. We want students to be well nourished and attentive in class.

Snacks are provided daily to kindergarten through first grade, and lunches are well balanced, kid friendly meals. Students are provided with the choice of hot or cold entree with fresh fruit and vegetable options daily. We are proud to say that we are the only school in the State of Georgia that provides Boar’s Head meat and cheese products daily. Organic milk is an option for students as well, and students are welcome to request seconds.

Lyndon Academy is not a nut free school. The school does not prepare or produce food with nuts or nut based products, but it does serve them. Accomodations and policies are in place for students with allergies. 

Students are allowed to bring their own food and beverage to school as long as it is does conflict with food and beverage policies.

Parents are welcome to dine with their children for a small fee, and birthdays and other various celebrations are conducted frequently during lunch time.

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