Athletics are an important part of a student’s life. They teach students invaluable lessons related to individual disciplines, sportsmanship, and team building skills while teaching skills and rules that are necessary and apply to daily life. Additionally, a vast amount of research shows a high correlation between athletic participation and an increase in academic achievement.

At Lyndon Academy, students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports throughout the year. Youth development programs are now available in soccer and basketball that can also be competitive. Softball and volleyball development programs will soon be available as well for lower school students. Middle and Upper school students compete in the following athletic programs:




Cross Country – B & G Basketball – B & G Fast-pitch Softball – Girls
Football – N. GA Falcons Cheer Golf – B & G
Soccer – Boys Track & Field – B & G
Volleyball – Girls

Beginning at the middle school level, students compete in the North Atlanta Metro League, also known as NAML. Beginning in the upper school grades, students compete in GICAA (Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association).

Lyndon Athletics Mission Statement

In Lyndon Academy’s pursuit of excellence, we value the life-long lessons that are taught by athletic participation. We teach habits that will promote better and healthier lives. We aim to inspire students to develop their personal, physical, and intellectual skills. We promote the desire to always give your best. We teach sportsmanship and look for humility in victory and grace in defeat. Through responsible education we teach honor, respect, benefits of teamwork, leadership, and character. These lessons will provide our students with opportunities to succeed for a lifetime.

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