Visitation Day

Applies Only to Jr. K through 6th grade applicants


We would be happy to help you schedule your child’s visitation day at Lyndon Academy at your convenience by calling 770-926-0166. You should make plans for your son or daughter to stay at Lyndon from 8am to 3pm. Keep in mind we are looking for age-appropriate academic ability, motivation, interests, and potential for personal growth. There is no need to purchase flash cards and put undue stress on your child. Lyndon is all-inclusive, so you do not need to pack a lunch, snack or book bag.

On the day of your visitation, bring your admission application paperwork and your application fee of $50.00 to the front office. Talk to your son or daughter before arriving at Lyndon, making sure he or she is:

  1. Prepared to stay the entire day;
  2. Ready to check in at the front office before going to class;
  3. Aware the placement/assessment test or screening is not a cause for anxiety; and
  4. Ready to have a fun day at Lyndon Academy!

Upon arrival at the front office, your child will be greeted by administrators of the school and their own Student Ambassador. Your child may wonder “what is a Student Ambassador?” Ambassadors are student peers that provide a friendly and welcoming face to our visitors. They will spend the entire day right next to your child. The Student Ambassador is there to break the ice and help potential new students feel at home. They take new students on a tour and show them the ropes in school, so visitors will get a realistic view of a day in the life of a Lyndon student. These are sought-after posts on an almost daily basis here, and our students feel honored when they are selected to spend the day with your child.

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