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At Lyndon Academy, we strive to offer all students from Kindergarten through High School the best private school educational opportunities – in addition to the most value for your money! Tuition includes your books, school supplies, school day field trips, technology, year book, and a meal plan. It also includes growing art programs and bi-lingual and tri-lingual education daily at no extra cost. Fundraising is not required.

Tuition does not include the application fee, uniforms, overnight trips, musical instruments, athletic participation after-school, extra-curricular activities during and after-school, some sports equipment, and before and after-school care.

Tuition varies depending on the grade level of the student. The inaugural class, class of 2019, has a discount of $4,200.00, and multiple child discounts apply for all multi-student families.

Admissions Application Fee is $250.00 per student, and a deposit of $750.00 (Included in tuition) per student is required to secure a seat after acceptance. Deposits are part of the tuition and may be rolled into the payment plan for students arriving after the first day of school.

We encourage families to apply for financial assistance based on need, as we understand that there may be a necessity to help pay for what you desire most for your children. 2016-2017 scholastic year rates are listed below. We offer rolling admissions through March of 2017.


  Tuition Rates
Kindergarten $14,000.00
1st through 5th grade $15,500.00
6th through 8th grade $16,500.00
9th through 12th grade $17,500.00
International Student Fees – Add $1,750.00


The second child discount is 10%. The third child discount is 20%. Payment plans are available. Finance fees apply to the quarterly and monthly payment plans. Two payment plans are free of finance fees, and discounts apply to single lump sum payments.

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Note: Lyndon Academy has a rolling admissions policy. Tuition is prorated after the start of school depending on the time of entrance. A 1.5% convenience charge will be applied when paying with credit cards.