Financial Assistance

Financial Aid

At Lyndon, we understand that providing your children with the very best is not always financial viable. Therefore, we have created a very liberal financial aid package that can be customized to meet your financial needs. Simply complete this application and submit your most recent tax return. If you have any questions you may contact the school’s Financial Officer, Peter Murdock, at Student Scholarship Organizations can also further assist in reducing your tuition liabilities.

Student Scholarship Organization Scholarship

Due to a State of Georgia Income Tax Credit Opportunity, students across the state have the opportunity to receive financial assistance. While the Department of Education has approved a variety of Non-profit Student Scholarship Organizations, we encourage our families to look into the opportunities available at GaSSO and Apogee Scholarships. Scholarship opportunities are not limited to these two organizations. If interested in more information about tax credits and scholarship, inquire within the business office at Lyndon Academy.

Class of 2019 Tuition Credit (Incoming 11th Graders)

The 2017-18 eleventh grade is the inaugural class at Lyndon Academy. Each year they move one step closer to being our future leaders. Because they are the first students to experience Lyndon Academy they receive a unique tuition discount equivalent to $2,000.00. Come be a part of this unique and exciting opportunity at a great tuition rate. Contact Lyndon for more information.

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