Upper School

As small as Lyndon Academy might be, we offer great opportunities and open more doors than our neighboring schools. Unlike other schools, we offer honors dual enrollment options (not the public-sector version), on-campus college course offerings (not offered regionally), dual language and trilingual studies, internships, opportunities abroad, and all the support you need to succeed. We have a small administrative team that can move mountains in the blink of an eye. Our students are surrounded by children who desire more than just a diploma and a varsity letter. They want that too, but surrounding yourself with people who are exceptional in nature is nearly impossible in the public sector and large private schools.

At this small private school, you get guidance on a 1:50 ratio or better versus a 1:260 ratio. You get strength in curriculum. You get individualized and customized attention that meets your needs. It’s not a “one-size fits all” program. While we have honors and AP courses like all the rest, we find ways to provide more, drive further, and set the bar higher. Our teachers work tirelessly to provide the best text books and resources that are available in a market that is continually watering down the materials used to help educate our students. They put time into supporting students’ needs in tutoring, whether they take a class on campus, off campus or online. We embrace students who aspire to be teachers, engineers, computer scientists, doctors, lawyers, and all those who want to be great at something but don’t know what that is yet.

At Lyndon, we could be spending time trying to figure out how to increase graduation rates and attendance rates to increase funding to maintain jobs. We could also be spending time seeking funding for programs that the School Board cannot justify approving, but fortunately for our families, graduation rates and maintaining funding for jobs and programs are not a concern. We have a decided edge. We have a community that embraces excellence and success beyond college. Over 70% of our students are eligible for Duke TIP, by comparison to 10% or less in the public sector. Most recently in 2016-2017, 74% were eligible. Students who have been with us for eight years or better are testing at the 92nd percentile on the PSAT. While we might seem like nerds, we have fun too!

We have sports, theater, art, music, bon fires, dances, pep rallies, and we play paintball against the police department. You want football, we have that too for you, but if you want a superior education that is a cut above the rest, look no further. If you want more than a handshake and a walk across the stage, look no further.

Do you want to be a Terrier? Do you dream of more? Check us out … The Future Is Our Priority!

485 Toonigh Road, Holly Springs, GA 30188