At Lyndon Academy, the teachers are here for the students. If your child has fallen behind and needs help better understanding a concept, do not hire a tutor. Go to your child’s teachers first for no-cost enrichment lessons.

Students may be invited to join just a few discussion sessions to help solidify a specific concept, or struggling students might be asked to attend more regularly throughout a quarter for some extra one-on-one learning. In both cases, teachers guide each child on a path of better understanding to help the student accomplish grade-level goals. The teacher will contact you regarding your child’s progress, and together you can form the best plan of action to help your student be successful.

Students who have been out of school sick, have unsatisfactory grades, transfer students, and students who are not quite grasping a concept are all encouraged to take advantage of tutoring before or after school. Consultation with teachers is required before scheduling tutoring sessions to assess if tutoring is needed and to determine the appropriate course of action to assist a student.

Teachers are available for tutoring services free of charge beginning at 7:30am (based on schedule) Monday through Thursday. Teachers are also available after school from 3:15 to 4:00pm. This is an as-needed service that is provided by the teachers at their discretion.

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