Lower School

Lyndon Academy’s lower school students are inspired and captivated by the changing environment in each classroom. Our kindergarten through 5th grade students are guaranteed to get the best out of every subject everyday as they travel from class to class for each subject with teachers who are passionate about their own subject content.

We teach Mandarin and Spanish daily to students in first grade and above. Kindergarten through fifth grade students receive a solid eighty minutes or more in reading and writing in English daily. Cursive writing is also a part of the curriculum.  Students also begin to have opportunities to join band and participate in youth athletic programs.

Lower school students as a whole are actively taking part in educational field days, participating in their first science fair, conducting research in science and social studies, studying physiology in health & fitness classes, playing daily at recess, developing fluency in multiple languages, becoming active in their community, and participating in multiple extra-curricular activities.

The rotating class system, strong curriculum, knowledge that our professionals share, and the overwhelming level of attention catapults our young students in areas of critical thinking and social development. In the last ten years, kindergarten through fifth grade students averaged scores on the Stanford 10 Achievement Test, in multiple batteries, within the top 10% in the nation. They test with above average fluency for non-native youth Mandarin speakers, and in the last six years, more than 70% of 4th and 5th grade students tested eligible for Duke TIP.

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