Junior Kindergarten

The development of the well-rounded child that will be able to offer something to the world as a citizen begins right here in Junior Kindergarten with a hug and a dream that I can be a contributing part of the world I live in. Lyndon Academy’s Junior Kindergarten is a stepping stone from day care programs into the world of academics. Children remain in a self-contained classroom most of the day and have the privilege of moving out into art, music, and physical fitness programs that expose them to the regular Lyndon experience. Their day will also include snacks, lunch, recesses, and rest.

Their daily class time will not only include work in the area of phonics but also many opportunities to develop their listening and speaking skills. Dramatic play, songs and sharing will enhance their self-esteem and comfort when speaking to their peers and adults. Deciphering the riddle of phonics will allow them to not only listen to books, but read them for themselves.

Math, science and social studies will be a part of the day as they are exposed to activities from a variety of resources, hands-on experiments and observations. It is all a part of what can we learn about the world and what does the world have to offer. Studying families, friends and the school community will help them assimilate their role in their expanding world.

Individual, small group, and partnerships will help children learn how to interact in different settings. Learning how to be responsible for oneself will prepare them to transition smoothly into Lyndon Academy’s program.

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