Foreign Language

Unlike many other local public and private schools, Lyndon Academy is one of few schools in the Atlanta area that offers daily foreign language instruction in Mandarin and Spanish as part of its core curriculum. This international private school’s multilingual program prepares students for the global market that they will enter, and more importantly it strengthens their critical thinking and problem solving skills. See the benefits of multilingual education.

Transfer students ease into the foreign languages with multi-level teaching approaches and tutoring. We expect transfer student to take a year or more to get caught up. The plan and method is one of positive reinforcement, so that students do not lose that passion for learning. The learning curve is tremendously steep due in large part to the immersion and matriculation into the classrooms.

At Lyndon Academy, kindergarten students receive daily Spanish instruction in their bilingual program. Then students in 1st grade are introduced to Mandarin daily. Students are immersed into both foreign languages for eighty minutes or more each day. Middle and Upper School transfer students can choose one or two foreign languages when they enter Lyndon , and when students reach ninth grade they can opt out of one of the foreign languages.

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