At Lyndon Academy, we believe that utilizing well established and proven core academic standards lays the foundation for future success. The Lyndon educational program provides an advanced college preparatory curriculum based upon nationally recognized models demonstrated by New York and Massachusetts, states which routinely send a higher percentage of graduates on to college. The core academic standards in the lower school and middle school for math, English language arts and social studies are backed by the long standing curricula of New York, while the sciences are backed by Massachusetts standards. Foreign language standards, also a part of the core academics, are supported by teaching text from Spain, the Chinese Confucius Institute, and Beijing.

The core academics are delivered by Lyndon’s forward-thinking teaching techniques and proven methods of learning from around the world. Students in kindergarten through 5th grade rotate from classroom to classroom for each class, so they have a different teacher for each core academic subject. The rotating class system inspires children to learn and promotes higher order thinking in the classrooms. It also makes for a smooth transition into Lyndon’s advanced middle school environment, where students begin taking upper school courses that are in-depth College Board/college preparatory classes. Students have the opportunity to take honors and AP classes in the upper school. Curriculum and teaching techniques for all core academics, kindergarten through high school, are continually critiqued to stay ahead and keep students engaged.

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