Greetings from the Headmaster: Linda Murdock

Welcome to Lyndon Academy, and thank you for taking time to visit. You are about to make possibly the single biggest decision that will forever change your future and/or the future of your children. We applaud you for your efforts in seeking out the best educational opportunities.

This custom crafted school environment sets Lyndon Academy apart from every other public or private school in the Atlanta area. The standards and expectations challenge students to do their best in an accepting and compassionate setting, which encourages each student to be an individual.

We strive to nurture the spirit as well as stimulate the mind. The joy of learning is as important as mastering the task. Through an interdisciplinary approach, we teach students to play an active role in their own education, to learn how to ask the right questions and make pertinent connections and decisions, and to be global citizens.

The Future Is Our Priority, and we desire to teach them a lifetime love of learning. We welcome you to explore our website for more information about the exciting opportunities offered at Lyndon Academy.

Do you want to be a Terrier? Do you dream of more? Check us out … The Future Is Our Priority!

485 Toonigh Road, Holly Springs, GA 30188