Built from the Heart

Soft, warm tones and natural light fill the space. The floor plan and classrooms are conducive to the school’s unique rotating class system. Each classroom is appropriately equipped for the subject content and its integrated technology. Special air filters and double UV lighting systems assist in producing superior air quality and reduce the spread of contagious diseases.

The lower school play area includes picnic tables, obstacle courses to improve strength and large motor skills, slides, rock climbing walls, other climbing apparatus, monkey bars, see saws, and basketball hoops. On the perimeter of the play area, races can be run, basketball can be played, and second grade students and above can ride their bikes during recess.

Safety and security are top priorities for the future of our society. While we are not willing to advertise security procedures and emergency plans, you should feel comfortable knowing that Lyndon is one of the more secure private schools in the metro Atlanta area. You should also feel comfortable knowing that we are the only private school in the metro Atlanta area that invested heavily in a non-required and uniquely engineered interior storm shelter that is a safe haven for students no matter what the conditions are outside.

The foundation of the shelter is 20 inches deeper than the rest of the school’s foundation and filled with two grid layers of reinforcing rebar and a total of 24 inches of concrete. The walls are built out of concrete block, which is reinforced with rebar and filled with concrete from the foundation to the ceiling. The ceiling contains 6 inches of poured concrete on top of a layer of steel and is also reinforced with rebar. The doors into this protected area are steel reinforced doors with locking mechanisms for emergency situations. The pictures below from left to right show the foundation prior to pouring of concrete, the ceiling concrete being poured by three men, and a distant view of shelter prior to the school being built.

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