About Lyndon

international college preparatory programLyndon’s international college preparatory program is designed to educate the whole student. Starting in kindergarten, students are studying in multiple languages daily, advancing in mathematics, engaging in science projects, utilizing technology, participating in the arts, becoming active citizens, having fun with friends in clubs, and competing in athletics. Lower school students consistently score near the 90th percentile in math and reading batteries on standardized exams, and nearly 70 percent annually of the fourth through eighth-grade students are eligible for Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program). In the spring of 2016, students who have attended Lyndon for eight years or more achieved scores on the PSAT at the 92nd percentile in the nation on average.

Lyndon students are making dreams come true. They are realizing their real potential and achieving more than they expected. College preparatory courses, education of the whole student, low student to teacher ratios, and low student to college guidance ratios are all part of the unique design that breeds excellence and success beyond 12th grade.

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